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The Festool Dust Extraction Face lift for 2018

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Included in the new product line from festool in 2018 includes some upgrades to the CT systems. The main new upgrades for the CT systems include:

Smooth tapered suction hose

The new suction hose is both tapered and flexible – with a smooth exterior for easy sliding over surfaces, a longer service life, and greater suction power. The new CLEANTEC tool connection sleeve ensures a secure fit on the tool. *Applies to all CT’s except CT 36 AC

The new suction hose: Smooth elastic, tapered – with smooth outer skin for significantly improved handling, a longer service life, and increased suction power. It can be extended to meet your individual requirements by connecting two suction hoses without the need for additional connectors. The new Cleantec tool connection sleeve ensures a secure fit on the tool.

New and now even better: SYS-Dock Hose Garage

Made of a more robust material, creates simple transportation, better organization, and greater flexibility. The universal SYS-Dock allows for the secure connection of T-LOC or Classic SYSTAINERS, SORTAINERS, and SYS-ToolBox units. *Applies to CT 26, CT 36, CT 36 AC, & CT 48 ONLY

Cord holder

The cable can be wound up quickly and neatly thanks to the new cord holder. The cord can also be quickly removed from the new cord holder without unwinding. *Applies to CT 26, CT 36, CT 36 AC, & CT 48 ONLY

Another upgrade that you can include in your dust extraction system is the Bluetooth Remote and Bluetooth Batteries (available for order now, Ships April 2nd)

Bluetooth Remote Control & CT Module

The combination of a Bluetooth module on the CLEANTEC mobile dust extractor and remote control on the extractor hose saves you a trip to the extractor. Simply start dust extraction from the hose using the remote control. Ideal for small, occasional cleaning tasks – simply switch to cleaning mode, even when the mobile dust extractor is in AUTO mode. Also, the Bluetooth module on the mobile dust extractor communicates with the Festool Bluetooth battery packs.

BLUETOOTH technology

CLEANTEC mobile dust extractors, both current and previous generation, can be fitted with the Bluetooth module. This means they can be both operated via the remote control on the suction hose and start up automatically when Festool cordless tools with Bluetooth battery packs are switched on. *Applies to CT 26, CT 36, CT 36 AC, & CT 48 ONLY

Bluetooth Battery packs – Corded now cordless

The new Bluetooth battery packs communicate with the Bluetooth module on the mobile dust extractor allowing even a cordless tool to start the mobile dust extractor automatically when switched on. This enables you to now benefit from Festool's entire dust-free system when working with Festool cordless products.

Multifunction in the shop or at the work site

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A stable workbench is critical to most, if not all, cutting operations, assembly work and much more. It’s often the cornerstone to a projects precision, quality and efficiency. Every workshop, including most job sites, have a workbench for these tasks. Work benches range from crude sawhorses and plywood to elaborate break down units.

The key to a good workbench is functionality– in the shop, as well as, to a jobsite. Lets take a look at the Festool MFT/3 Multifunction Table System.

The MFT/3 is the perfect height to make work more comfortable. V-groove channels make squaring the miter gauge easier, more accurate and provides a mechanism for attaching accessories. The MFT/3 has many features like perforated tops, side channels for attaching clamps, and folding legs to allow two working heights, as well as easy transport. On the jobsite or in the workshop, use the MFT/3 as a supplemental work surface for sanding, jointing, clamping, or just about anything else. Some key features include:

  • Can easily be carried to a jobsite, due to its compact size and light weight.
  • Accurate and repeatable cuts with the guide rail and plunge saw or routers.
  • Clamp faster with uniform holes and Festool clamps.
  • Use with legs folded out, at full height, or folded in and set on the floor

One customer had this to say about the MFT/3 : “Tried others portable table... Not even in the same league. Easy to use, easy to setup, allows for accurate cuts and routing, and fantastic clamping table. Has made a variety of everyday task much easier.”

The integrated guide rail system allow you to cut with confidence. Adjustable to a maximum cutting depth of three inches, accurately cut materials over 27 inches wide, something that is impossible even with the biggest miter saws.

The perforated work surface and integrated side rails of the table provide a wide variety of clamping options. The work surface is also great for cutting, sanding and routing and can support up to 260 lbs.

John, a full time contractor had this to say, “The MFT/3 is by far the most critical and useful tool I have seen in years. It is easy to set up and it stays true no matter how hard you try to abuse it. Move it around and never worry whether you are cutting square again. A real time saver.”

With limitless versatility, the Festool MFT/3 Table System is a great addition to any work site.

To learn more visit Beavertools.com/MFT3

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